Specs Program

The quality performance specifications program is the heart of the SFI Foundation. The process used to develop each specification is just as important to SFI as the end product itself, the performance specification. The program is designed to promote fairness and include anyone and everyone who is affected by a particular spec. The following guidelines are set by governement policy for such a program and strictly followed by SFI.

SFI Specs Programs are intended to serve the following purposes:

• To promote quality and reliability in the design, manufacture and application of products of the specialty parts industry.
• To provide seller and purchasers information to facilitate purchasing and application decisions.
• To provide officials of competition events with convenient and reliable references for evaluating products.


Participation shall be open to all interested persons who might be directly or materially affected by the Spec. Participation is not conditional upon membership in any organization.


Technical Committees
Technical committees are comprised of individuals from all facets of industry, scientific and motorsports sanctioning organizations with expertise in their areas of endeavor to provide a comprehensive cross-section of knowledge.


Due Process
Open hearings with adequate notice of all activities shall be given, copies of these procedures shall be available, and the opportunity to be heard or to appeal any decision shall be provided to all interested parties. All activities are to be conducted with fairness toward all interested persons.


Publication and Disclosure
SFI Specs shall be published and made available to the public as soon as possible after approval by the SFI Board of Directors.


SFI is responsible to monitor adherence to the Specs Program by verification of certified test reports from recognized test laboratories and performance audits where applicable as defined by the Spec procedures. Each SFI Spec will be reviewed periodically by committee members, to revise and update as required by current technology.


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