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This page is where you can find our meeting schedule for SFI Spec Review Committees.

2022 SFI Committee Spec Review Meetings

SFI Foundation, Inc (SFI) requires that existing specifications be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that the specs remain current to changing field conditions. We are happy to announce that we are hosting live SFI spec review meetings at the PRI Show in December 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. All times listed are local, eastern time zone.

All meetings listed below will be held at the following location:

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Meeting Room: 210

Click here to download a PDF of the SFI Meeting Schedule 2022

Thursday, December 8, 2022
Show hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

10:00 AM
SFI Spec 39.1 Stock Car Type Racing Seat (Custom)
SFI Spec 39.2 Stock Car Type Racing Seat (Standard)
SFI Spec 45.1 Roll Bar Padding
SFI Spec 45.2 Impact Padding

11:00 AM
SFI Spec 35.1 Stock Car Steel Wheels
SFI Spec 35.2 Heavy Duty Stock Car Steel Wheels
SFI Spec 35.3 Alloy Stock Car Wheels

1:00 PM
SFI Spec 28.1 Polymer (Foam-Filled) Fuel Cells
SFI Spec 28.2 Crash Resistant Fuel Cells
SFI Spec 28.3 Competition Fuel Cell Bladder
SFI Spec 32.1 Stock Car Fuel Cell Bladder
SFI Spec 32.2 Stock Car Fill/Vent Check Valve Assembly

2:00 PM
SFI Spec 38.1 Head and Neck Restraint Device

3:00 PM
SFI Spec 43.1 Driveshafts

3:30 PM
SFI Spec 42.1 Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect/Release

4:00 PM
SFI Spec 48.1 Shifter Boot
SFI Spec 52.1 Fueler Apron

Friday, December 9, 2022
Show hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

8:00 AM
Motorsports Forum for Sanctioning Body Officials

10:00 AM
SFI Spec 6.4 Puller Bellhousings (Proposed)

11:00 AM
SFI Spec 24.1 Youth Helmets
SFI Spec 31.1 Flame Resistant Motorsports Helmets
SFI Spec 41.1 Motorsports Helmets

11:30 AM
SFI Spec 54.1 Non-Flammable Coatings

1:00 PM
SFI Spec 49.1 Top Fuel Rear Wing Assembly
SFI Spec 49.2 Front Wing Assembly

1:30 PM
SFI Spec 34.1 Screw-Type Superchargers

2:00 PM
SFI Spec 20.1 Go-Kart Chest Protector (Youth Driver)

2:30 PM
SFI Spec 46.1 Nitro-Methane Fuel Motorcycle Engine Restraint



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