Sanctioning Bodies

Membership and Affiliation

The SFI Foundation, Inc. offers two levels of participation for sanctioning bodies: membership and affiliation. The first level is the Affiliate Program which allows a sanctioning body to use and include SFI specifications in its rules. The more advanced level of participation is the Member Sanctioning Body Program. In addition to using existing SFI specs, other services available to a member organization include the development of new application-specific standards, technical personnel training and certification, and on-track incident response training. A sanctioning body must have a formal agreement with SFI at this basic level in order to cite the SFI copyrighted standards in its rules.


For a list of Members and Affiliates, use the links below:

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Coalition Affiliates and Coalition Members

Finally, there are Coalition Affiliates and Coalition Members. Coalitions are race organizations, tracks, or clubs that are allowed the use of the SFI Specs Program through the affiliation or membership of their parent sanctioning bodies.



For a list of Coalition Affiliates and Coalition Members, use the links below:

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