SFI Specs 25.1G, 25.4B, 25.5B Revised

The SFI Chassis Specs 25.1G, 25.4B, and 25.5B for Full Bodied Car Drag Race Roll Cages have been revised, effective April 8, 2014. The revised versions are available from SFI for immediate use by sanctioning bodies and chassis builders. The extent of this revision is the addition of the following paragraph to Section II Basic Construction Practices:

“The roll cage, including the main hoop and forward of the main hoop shall follow the contour of the body as closely as possible and be symmetrical with regard to the distances from the cage to the body.”

A downloadable .pdf of this notice may be found on our Tech Advisories page under the Tech and Safety tab above. Please contact SFI with any questions.


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