SFI Spec Revisions Follow Review Meetings Held at PRI Show

December of each year, SFI Foundation holds specification review meetings during the PRI Show because the venue is convenient for many of our participating manufacturers and others who would like to attend these committee meetings. The specs are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain current to changing field conditions. As a result of the reviews held this past December, no fewer than 13 specs were revised and one brand new spec was originated.

The most notable changes were made to the family of SFI seat belt standards. SFI Spec 16.1 for Driver Restraint Assemblies was revised to eliminate the different Types 1, 2 and 3 that were based on the webbing widths of the various harness components. Instead of categorizing seatbelts into different Types, Specification 16.1 now requires only a minimum belt width of 1.72” (same as 16.5), and there is only one set of 16.1 test loads, which were previously the “Type 1” or “3-inch” test loads. This should help simplify the understanding and implementation of the spec as it’s used in various sanctioning body rules.

The “Type 3” requirements and test loads from the previous version of Specification 16.1 have become the requirements and test loads for the new SFI Spec 16.2 Youth Driver Restraint Assemblies. The addition of this new spec should help facilitate the identification of harnesses intended for youth drivers. They will now have their own unique SFI compliance labels identified as “16.2.” There were no changes made to SFI 16.5 for Stock Car Driver Restraint Assemblies, the other spec in our family of seat belt standards.

All current versions of the SFI Specs with their recent revisions can be viewed or downloaded by navigating to them at this link: SFI Specifications and Participating Manufacturers.

Here are highlights from some of the other spec revisions that came out of the SFI committee meetings in December:

The titles of the SFI Bellhousing Specs 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 were changed to allow for the evolution of applications and components covered by the specs. It should be noted that any additional clutch requirements and limitations continue to be specified by the applicable sanctioning body’s rules.

Spec 14.21 for Screw-Type Supercharger Restraints and Spec 14.3 for Nitro-Methane Fuel Supercharger Restraints were both revised to require an additional SFI compliance label to be affixed to the blanket portion of the device. This is in addition to the SFI labels already required on the straps, and is intended to help with the identification of certified products.

SFI Spec 17.1 for On Board Fire Suppression Systems was revised to clarify the use of metal fittings and tubing in certified systems.

SFI Spec 29.3 for Automatic Transmission Flexplates for Diesel Applications was revised to clarify testing and model classifications with respect to counterweights.

SFI Spec 39.2 for Standard Stock Car Type Racing Seats was revised to include a testing option when ventilation holes are installed on seats. This is the same option that was previously adopted into SFI Spec 39.1 for Custom Stock Car Type Racing Seats.


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