NHRA Announced New 2020 Junior Drag Racing Safety Requirements

Today NHRA announced new safety requirements for their Junior Drag Racing League categories for the 2020 season. Racers in most classes will be required to wear a head and neck restraint device meeting SFI Spec 38.1 beginning June 1, 2020. And starting January 1, 2020, cars in those categories will require SFI 45.1 Roll Bar Padding and/or SFI 45.2 Impact Padding.

Parents, if you are seeking information on where to purchase items meeting these SFI Specifications, you can access the lists of SFI Participating Manufacturers at these links:

SFI Spec 38.1 Participating Manufacturers (Head and Neck Restraints)

SFI Spec 45.1 Participating Manufacturers (Roll Bar Padding)

SFI Spec 45.2 Participating Manufacturers (Impact Padding)

Manufacturers in these programs certify that their products meet the minimum standards set forth by SFI Specifications after successfully subjecting their items to rigorous laboratory testing.

For assistance in obtaining the above required devices or padding for your junior dragsters, contact any of the companies listed at the above pages, and they will be able to help you with any questions regarding purchase, use and installation.

To view the NHRA announcement in its entirety, visit www.nhraracer.com or click here: NHRA 2020 Junior Dragster Announcement 09-11-19.


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